5 ways to prioritse yourself for a better life.

When it comes to finding the perfect work life balance, a few simple steps can make it easy…

5 ways to prioritise yourself for a better life.

For most of us, trying to find the ideal work life balance can be a challenge. for most, we have the 9 to 5 daily grind of a full time job, bills to pay, kids that require our attention, and other things that pop up unexpectedly.

With so much going on, sometimes we need to take the step back and re-prioritize the list of what is most important, not just in the sense of what needs to be done, but how to better do it so you have more time for yourself and to enjoy life more.

Change Your Routine
Many of us will have moments in life where we have good intentions to change our pattern. Something might trigger that temporary call to action, such as a new job, a friends illness, a birth of a child, or similar, where we say to ourselves, from today on things will be different, I will become more organised, yet we usually find we go back to the same routine within a month or so, and our life becomes a vicious circle of repetition.

The ideal way to make a positive and committed change it to grab a piece of paper and write down what you’d like more of, more time to enjoy your home, more time to relax with friends, more time to spend fishing, or with the kids, or exercising, etc.

Get into the habit of regularly having an ideal relaxing weekend doing something for yourself, and something that breaks the routine, like trying a different restaurant, a different fishing spot, a weekend drive or bushwalk you haven’t done before.

You’ll feel refreshed and renewed with the change.

Take time for yourself.
So often we find we spend so much of our time doing things for others. Whether it is for your work, driving your kids around, looking after the parents, or something else, we rarely give ourselves time for ourselves. Plan

Plan your own ideal weekend, and do it! It might be a fishing or camping trip with a couple of mates, or a day at the footy, or for the ladies, a weekend shopping trip or a day at the racetrack. Get away from your own environment so you ‘can’t’ do anything other than relax.

Accept that saying ‘No’ is ok.
We all have an urge to help others. It might be doing a little overtime for the boss because you feel you have to, or feeling you need to commit yourself to going to an event you might not really want to. Learn that saying no occasionally is ok, and reward yourself by using that time to focus on something for yourself.

Just going with the flow.
Sometimes the most stressful thing in life is when a plan doesn’t always go to plan!

Sure, it’s great to have plans and goals of things you want or need to get done, but try and plan at least one day a fortnight where you push all commitments aside and just go with the flow. Use the time to call up an old friend, listen to your favourite old songs in the car, or just enjoy a moment to exercise.

You’ll find sometimes the unplanned day is often the most productive.

Just relax
Sometimes it’s great to just take the opportunity to unwind, and enjoy your surroundings and soak in everything that is important to you.

Sometimes it can be these simple moments that can help you best make the wisest decisions on what really matters, and sometimes it takes a change of surrounding to really enjoy enjoy life.

A change of pace and outlook can be as good as a holiday, so if you find yourself feeling a little too stressed or not finding enough to enjoy your time, maybe a change of lifestyle is needed.

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