Creating a unique concept for a new way of living

Unfortunately for the vast majority of us, our lives are a daily grind to the grave. Every single day of our existence is a challenge.We are inundated with the incessant demands and responsibilities of work and life and its unavoidable stressors. Life lived mainly in suburbia is a constant sensory assault to our minds that is completely out of our hands. Even getting to work every day involves early mornings triggered by alarm clocks and the push and shove of the commuting machine, with its timetables, transport, travel and crowds. Then at destination work, there are phones to answer, orders to follow, deadlines to make, emails to reply to and work colleagues that you have to get along well with. If you are lucky, lunch is a snatched sandwich surrounded by others. Weekends are the far too loud sounds of parties on Friday and Saturday nights. Sunday, the day of rest arrives and then everyone mows their lawns and trims their edges as dogs bark loudly.

Is there a glorious alternative? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to move or retire together somewhere contrastingly tranquil and beautiful where the pace of life is slow to the point of being actually relaxing? Somewhere where there is a masterpiece of an apartment, with river views and clear skies and an ideal climate? Beaches to stroll along in the morning or at twilight plus an ample patio to breakfast on in your dressing gown and slippers and then sip cool drinks there at night as candles flicker.

Reside Living has made this oasis of a dream into an actual reality in Ballina, on the New South Wales north coast with its temperate climate all year round.

These two or three bedroom apartments are luxurious and spacious and well equipped. Architect designed, they allow you the lifestyle that you really deserve and there is enough bedrooms to enable your grown children and grandchildren to stay. Forget cooking each and every night as these very special dwellings actually feature a delicious place where you can go and eat daily.

This is the lifestyle that you have both earned and both very much deserve to attain. Put behind you all of those hectic but worthwhile years of child raising. Put behind you all of those draining years of work that has brought you to this moment. The rush hour is over. It’s time to relax.