Make your lifestyle your goal

We all work hard to achieve our lifestyle goals, but there is a way you can reach that goal sooner, rather than later.

We are all educated from an early age that if you study hard, set your goals and then work hard you’ll reap the rewards. While in theory this is great, unfortunately many of us on the journey to achieve these goals end up taking a detour of sorts, and find ourselves on a path to please others rather than to please ourselves.

We work hard to get into a good stable job, then we work hard to achieve a position with a good company, and then we work hard to continually meet the goals and expectations of the company in order to retain that position, security and wage to then work on creating freedom and lifestyle.

There are also a lot of sacrifices to be made along the journey, such as living closer to your workplace in the unhealthy city environment, actually drawing you further away from your dream lifestyle.

Unfortunately many on the road to the dream lifestyle get lead down this ‘work to live’ path, rather than the ‘live to work’ road to freedom.

And changing this road to your dream lifestyle doesn’t begin with just setting your goals, but living your goals.

Reside Living is one of the few property development companies that understands that achieving your lifestyle goal begins with living your goal, by creating communities that are designed around living your life to the fullest now, not later.

Set amongst some of the most stunning natural locations in Australia, the Reside Living residences offer modern, beautiful dwellings that offer you the lifestyle and quality of life you deserve to reward yourself with right now.

Reside’s current projects are in two of the most sought after waterfront locations in Australia, Ballina and Sandgate, offering you the complete lifestyle you deserve to revive yourself, refine your lifestyle and realise your true goals in life, without compromise.

Reside Living Sandgate offers all the charm of a seaside village, providing amazing views over the Bay to Moreton Island, while still only a short commute to the Brisbane CBD, with the public transport network very accessible. So you can still achieve your corporate goals, and have the lifestyle to match now, rather than later.

Reside Living Ballina provides the unique opportunity to live right on the water overlooking the tranquility of the Richmond River, with 36 large 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, complete with onsite restaurant and supermarket, plus the beautiful river and Ballina’s beach right at your doorstep. Where else would you want to live!

With both offering first class community facilities including luxurious swimming pools, sundecks and large spacious balconies for entertaining, you’ll find everything you were planning to work hard for is right here.

Why wait for the reward later. Live out your lifestyle goal now at Reside Living.