Redefining the meaning of lifestyle apartments

While apartment living one of the most popular forms of housing now in Australia, there are few that you find that are truly designed for your lifestyle, until now…

Apartment living is one of the most popular forms of housing for many Australians, but for most of us the first thing that comes to mind when the term ‘apartment’ is mentioned is a cramped box in a built up suburban area.

But of course, not all apartments can be measured on the same scale, especially when we are talking about Reside Living’s apartments.

Reside Living take a very practical approach to the design of their apartments, creating them to be a truly enjoyable living space where you can indulge in the lifestyle many just dream about.

The Location
Firstly, there is the location. reside Living don’t simply build apartments anywhere. The location of their developments are chosen to enhance your lifestyle to ensure you truly love living there. the latest Reside Living Ballina development sets the high precedence for apartment living, with an amazing rare waterfront location overlooking the Richmond River in one of Australia’s more naturally beautiful locations on the east coast of Australia at Ballina.

Ballina has long been a popular destination for those that want to escape to a peaceful location for a holiday, and now reside Living offer it as more than just a holiday destination, but a place to call your home.

The Design
One of the first things you’ll notice about Reside Living’s apartments is the abundance of space. You don’t get the usual ‘boxed-in’ apartment feel, with surprisingly spacious balconies, large 1, and 3 bedroom dwellings, and a very comfortable dining and living area to entertain.

Every aspect of their apartments has been meticulously chosen to ensure you feel at home as well as providing durability.

Reside Living also build in the extras that have become synonymous with their name, such as RV and caravan parking, sparkling pools, communal vegetable gardens and plenty of storage, plus 24/7 security.

You’ll find the difference really is a community feel rather than just an apartment complex.

The Lifestyle
You’ll find the location alone sets the pace for a relaxing lifestyle, but once you experience sitting out on your wide open balconies enjoying the river views, as well as finding everything you need nearby, such as shopping, great dining choices, and entertainment venues, you’ll quickly discover the lifestyle you have always wanted has now been designed for you, and you can truly enjoy living in an apartment community without having to compromise.