Shaping the future of ballina

Ballina was once an obscure little town along the Richmond River in Northern New South Wales.Over the years, Ballina was transformed into a bustling tourist destination, before settling into a popular residential spot for those looking for the perfect work-life environment. The Richmond River not only provides a beautiful backdrop for the residents of Ballina, but it provides an array of outdoor activities and offers a relaxing, peaceful setting.

Amidst, this natural beauty and serenity sits the lovely Reside Living Ballina apartments. These modern and spacious apartments have been designed specifically for those in, or nearing, their retirement years. The complex includes 36 large apartments, comprised of 5 one-bedroom apartments, 10 two-bedroom apartments, and 21 three-bedroom apartments. Each apartment also includes a very large balcony that offers prime views of the Richmond River and provides plenty of space for entertaining.

In addition to large balconies, each apartment is designed with space and storage in mind. The well- designed kitchens all come with exquisite European appliances. Each apartment is equipped with the latest technology for energy and water monitoring. Residents will be able to monitor their energy and water consumption online from anywhere in the world. This state-of-the-art technology combined with the Reside living Ballina apartment’s arrangement for group water and energy service plans will help to keep the utility rates very low for all residents.

While each apartment offers residents a beautiful and carefree place to live, the Reside Living Ballina complex also offers some great benefits. Residents will not have to walk very far to have access to some of the services they need, since there is a restaurant, supermarket, and several other service stores located on the ground floor of the complex. In addition, residents will find communal gardens on the ground for gardening and a beautiful, pristine swimming pool. There are also multiple entertaining spaces throughout the grounds that can be used and include a full-size kitchen.

The Reside Living Ballina also has plenty of parking available to residents, including extra-large parking spaces for storing RVs or caravans. The grounds are fully maintained by the apartment complex for stress- free living, and 24/7/365 security is on-site for added protection. The apartments are also conveniently located within walking distance to public transport, along with multiple shopping venues, recreational activities, and entertainment spots.

The Reside Living Ballina apartments offer the perfect combination of the ideal location, spacious accommodations, beautifully-landscaped grounds, and top-rate security. Add to this an affordable price, low- cost energy and water rates, and stunning views of the Richmond River and there is nothing not to like about these apartments. This makes it one of the best places to live in the Ballina area.